Monday, 17 June 2013

Bill's Words of Wisdom: Knives and sharpening

Some insight into kitchen knives:

You need a Pairing knife.
A decent Chefs Kitchen Knife- costs around £15-20
Sharpening steel, is a long metal stick for sharpening and takes a bit of practise
Standard knife sharpens are good too.

Sharpen regularly, every couple of time you cook something
If you have a good quality set it is worth taking it to a professional Knife sharpening service.

Filleting knives are very sharpe and you don't really need them for anything other than filleting, i.e. a more advance knife for more advance cooking.

A good heavy pair of scissors is quite useful.

Other Kitchen Tool Tips
A good heavy saucepan and a heavy frying pan is good.

A wok, uncoated, Bill got his from a local Indian store.

Metal spatchlers are useful and shouldn't cause any problem unless you have a teflon coated base.

"Put foil down when you grill, put foil down for most oven work, otherwise it's a mess" says Bill

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