Saturday, 22 June 2013

Day 2: Teriyaki Salmon Morning Preparation

First thing we did when we got up in the morning (after 3 coffees and a bacon butty obvs) was start preparing the salmon and marinade for that evening meal.

Bruv taught me to always consult cookery books and the interweb to find a united idea of how to cook something. Knowing my brother, I think he enjoys the learning aspect of using another persons recipe. He is a walking encyclopaedia of facts and ideas.

In his kitchen he has set up a little shelf for his netbook and recipe scouting:

The marinade we decided on was from Daring Gourmet and was called Homemade Teriyaki Sauce.

So first off we gathered the spices which included Ginger powder, molasses, honey, garlic, mirin, dark soya sauce, sesame oil, bit of water.

The recipe actually had a few different things that we swopped for what we had, so the recipe said brown sugar but we used Molasses.

So based on the recipe all these ingrediants were mixed together in a pan on the hob brought to a boil, and then simmered for 6 mins.

Meanwhile Bruv is used his very sharp paring knife to gently and carefully cut the skin from the salmon

Once the sauce had cooled, the salmon placed in the dish, covered in cling film and left all day to marinade.


  1. Bloody hell! The mouth is watering! Another classy production....belly is rumbling now

  2. That salmon Teriyaki was sooooooooo gorgeous! Bill reckoned we'd have some spare, I ate the lot!