Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Day 3: Buffalo Wings

Day 3 and We're gonna make Buffalo wings with Cola Sauce

First you gotta prep the chicken.
Bill gets me to do this cause I am so squeamish about touching meat.
So you wanna break the chicken wings into 3 pieces throwing the end bit away.
You feel for the knuckle and using a very good sharp heavy knife/kitchen cooks knife
I chopped through the wing, only wincing slightly.

Next for the sauce
Pour coke into pan  on a HOT GAS HOB
Add a splash of chilli dip/nandos marinade/chilli tomato ketchup etc
Set the oven to 210 degrees.

Place chicken in pan with sauce to get first coating (keep marinade going on hob)
Scoop out into a oven tray with foil
Pop onto oven for 15mins

If you don't want it too sticky then
once the sauce is half way reduced dip chicken then 15min oven
Then once sauce is a paste texture 2nd dip with another 15mins on the oven
If however you want them nice and sticky
Then add a third dip when the sauce is thick and stick in the oven for another 15mins.

These are unbelievably good, nom nom nom.

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