Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Shopping in Kirk Gate, Leeds

We headed out straight away after our bacon butties, taking a cab to Kirk Gate Market.
Outside there were loads of stalls with people calling out their deals on fruit and vegetable, "2 banana for 1", shouting over each other, standing in front of their stalls waving their fruit in the air.
Everything was so neat and tidy and lots of colour.
We brought sweet pepper, carrots, parsnip, cherry tomatoes and some herbs.
I thought that was it for the market but I didn't expect the insides. We went through a big arch to one market were we grabbed our spices at the Spice Corner.
Bruv was mesmerised.
Then we went down a corridor to a whole row of butchers shops, all tucked into the sides, with the butcher on the doorstep, shouting their deals like in the vegetable market. They were helpful of where to buy stock they didn't have. The Butchers row is good because it keeps prices competative and standards high and people know to go there to get their meat and not a Tesco in sight!
We got Pork mince, Beef mince, small chicken and bacon.
We went around a corner into this large beautifully structured interior, with florists and plants.
And parallel to the meat corridor is the fish row. All the different types of food were together.
We got Mackerel and scallops as I'd never had scallops before.

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