Sunday, 16 June 2013

Day 3: Pork Gyoza


We cheated a bit here and brought the Gyoza skins, though making them is not to tricky.
Using pork mince, onion, 5 spice and garlic for filling
and this recipe

We finely chopped the onion and cabbage and
Added spices and soya sauce and garlic to the meat.

Powdering our work surface suitably we placed our gyoza skin down and
wetted the edge of the disc.
Popping the meat in the middle and folding over doing a fold and pinch along the edge
You really don't want any gaps because you don't want the water getting into your parcel.
Before adding to the water to cook we browned one side in the frying pan.

We kinda made loads too many but they were ridiculously tasty, I tried hard to eat them all.

Dipping Sauce
cider vinegar
soy sauce
sweet chilli

Accompanied by a nice bottle Chateau du Pape

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