Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bug Box

I like bugs and I love the idea of bug boxes, so this seemed like the greatest oppurtunity for me and Bruv to combine our genius and make one ourselves.
Bruv is a renowned crafter of big objects from benches to gates to giant wooden fish tanks, he has his own chainsaw and is not afraid to use it, even if everyone else is.
I am a great crafter of small things, I think we both get this drive from our Dad who was a great crafter of both large and small things, including us. 
Working together was surprisingly smooth considering we have fought like mad siblings for decades (though we secretly wuv each other and would rather we got sent to the children's home than the other one)
It was a real collaboration where we discussed what would work best and how the aesthetic would work out, and when he needed a fag break I got the giant drill duty-awesome- and then I would make him a cup of weak tea which I would remake stronger.
The bug box now lives suitably at our mum's house in the garden.

A bug box is a made to replicate natural habitats of insects such as Ladybirds and Lacewing. For more info google it! or follow this link

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